Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Living on Tulsa Time

We have been living in Tulsa for almost 6 months now (crazy!) and I am finally starting to feel like this is home. And for someone who has lived in Norman her entire life, that's a big step. We are part of a church and community group that we love, we have regular games of spades with the in-laws (I know, we're nerds) and we are starting to find new places to hang out and socialize in Tulsa. Daisy even made a whole new group of friends on our first trip to the dog park today. It was a proud dog mom moment!

As most of you know from my Facebook post, I also landed my first big girl job this past week! On March 18, I'll be rejoining the OU family as the Associate Director of Recruitment for NE Oklahoma. I'll be teaming up with the awesome people from Prospective Student Services and bringing the OU experience to all the high school kids in my area. Talk about a fun job! It combines the marketing aspect of my degree with talking about my favorite university. What could be better?!

The other great thing about this job is that Seth and I will now be able to buy a house this year! If you've gone through Dave Ramsey's course, you know renting is a drain on your income that you can never get back (although it is necessary sometimes). Thankfully we will soon be able to plug that drain and finally have a place to call our own.

Like any overeager, first-time home buyers, we have been prowling the Internet listings of homes for sale in the Tulsa area. At this stage in the process, house hunting is pure fun. We ooh and aah over all the new floors and kitchen cabinets and imagine what it would be like to live in the $3MM mansion we found on Craigslist. Soon enough we will have to start the not-so-fun part of loan approval, inspections and all the things we are currently pretending don't exist. But until then, it's happy hunting and happy times for these Tulsans!