Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Through the Lens

On one of my many quick day trips to Norman recently, I decided that an impromptu "learn your camera better" session was in order. So I called up my long-time friend and partner in crime to join in on the fun. Janelle and I took off driving through south Norman until we found the perfect unfenced field to wander through. And it could not have been prettier!

We are both amateur photographers and spent the evening discovering spot metering and playing around with different exposures. Our cameras are still smarter than we are most of the time, but I think we are finally catching up!

And anyone who knows one or both of us also knows that we rarely take pictures without a few crazy faces creeping out. Let's just say that if we ever do become movie stars like we used to think we would, there will be plenty of people getting rich by selling our embarrassing pictures.